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Auto Vacuum


Powerful car vacuum cleaner for dad dream clean car, with it additional attachment it will get to those hard to reach places plugs directly into your cigarette port extra length cable to reach those hard to get to places

Cast Iron Pot set 7 piece


Cast Iron Pot Set

7 piece set

Small Casserole with lid 20x9cm

Medium casserole with lid 22×9.5cmm

Large casserole with lid 24×11.5cm

Frying pan 24.5×11.5cm

Colours available


Royal Blue





Huntkey Smart Energy Light

  • LED smart emergency torch is the latest technology of Huntkey
  • This wireless charging device is designed for future concept
  • It provides people with better life experience with its multi-functions like multi-level adjustable brightness, auto-sensing emergency light and auto-sensing night light
  • Multi-level adjustable torch light: when you need lighting, directly remove the torch lights and press the on-off button
  • Auto-sensing emergency light: during sudden blackouts or power failure at your house, the 5 LED spot light will immediately turn on for you to instantly find the torch light and conduct emergency measures
  • Auto-sensing night light: the warm-white LED light at the bottom of the dock will turn on automatically when the day comes to darkness, it provides very soft night light to help you sleep
  • Ultra-professional: five high-illumination spotlight LED lights will turn on immediately after a blackout.
  • Wireless charging devices are designed for the future concept
  • Ultra-human-friendly: appearance is designed to be integrated with modern home furnishings, immediately turning on warm night-lights in darkness
  • Usage concept of release upon plugging-in and use upon taking out the plug
  • Ultra energy-saving: maximize your energy-saving by using high-quality rechargeable lithium batteries and a smart base design that will switch off when fully charged
  • Ultra-portable: ultra-slim body breaks the traditional mindset and is easy to carry, even during trips.
  • Ultra-secure: high-quality, environmentally friendly lithium batteries free your mind from security worries

Hyper flame Gas torch


Hyper Flame Gas Torch ZT50 with Refill

Includes 18ml Gas Refill

Does NOT require special adaptors to Refill the Flame Gas Torch

At least 10-20 Minutes burn time per Refill

Flame length between 4-6cm Depending on Setting

Base provided for to allow the Flame Torch to remain upright

Flame Gas Torch Diameter: 28mm

Height: 105mm

Comfortably fits in a Pocket or Mag Pouch

Reliable Piezo ignition

Actuator can be set in Locked position to prevent accidental switching on OR for a long continuous burn

Use to Reliably Light Fires, Pipes, Cigars, Gas Stoves and also use to Solder with or boil a cup of water.

Mosquito light bulbs


Install this LED mosquito lighting bulb at the head of your bed. The cold white light drives away the darkness and the light-wave releasing from the built-in LED light wave tube would have a deadly attraction for mosquitoes. This light will keep 30 square meters of undisturbed space for you.

ED light, also can be a night-light in your room.

Good CRI, energy saving, great light, good quality, long life-time.

Pure physical to kill mosquito, no radiation, also suitable for children, pregnant, aged people.

Two light colour model, press button once (purple), press twice (white) press three times to turn off.

Not same with mosquito-repellent incense, hardly any smell, provide you a silent, comfortable sleep time.

Tevo Magneto Solar home-lighting system


If you’re looking for a cost effective way to add light in your home, office or general space… then the Magneto Home Lighting System is the perfect addition to your home!

The Magneto Solar Home-Lighting System converts the sun’s energy into renewable lighting & includes 3 LED extension bulbs with independent switches that can be set up around your desired space for dispersed lighting. What’s more, you can get up to 18 hours of light from one single charge! Making it perfect for load shedding, power outages or if you are just wanting to cut down on your electricity bill.

Unique Folding Rectangle Table



UniQue Folding Rectangle Table – SL-Z182-25 – Lightweight, Sturdy steel frame, Compact fold for easy storing, Handle for easy carrying, Quick and easy to set-up and break down